Company Profile

24x7 Professional Transport Service.

About us

Index Transport (Index Transport) is recognized as leading transport service provider for western India. Our aim is to provide to provide transportation services to meet customer's requirement for service, speed, and reliability with parcel, FTL, Door to Door & Express services as part of our total transport solutions.

As a quality provider of freight services we know that goods are to be delivered :

•     Safely.

•     In good condition.

•     We provide spacious and hygienic warehousing facilities at the company’s specified locations.

•     At right time and place

•     Within the budget

Let us show how you can enjoy the benefits. We make it as easy as possible for you to contact us with centralized information system for advice, information or quotation Majority of the goods are dispatched on the day of booking.

•     24*7 movements of goods

•     Door Delivery / Collection

•     Computerized services at major branches

•     Immediate response to pick up request

•     Standby fleet at MIDC / GIDC locations

•     Pickup and POD confirmation

•     We provide quality parcel, small package services to our commercial and Non-commercial customers.

In today's competitive environment efficiency makes the difference between Success and failure Index Transport can help you reach heights of Competitive advantage. We approach your business as partnership, in which We work together to reach business objectives.

Mission Statement

Guided by our values of Safety, Collaboration, Integrity and Commitment, we deliver quality services and innovative solutions for our partners everywhere. We transform vision into reality.

Vision Statement

At Index Transport, Our employees are our greatest advantage. By focusing on our values, we will realize the vision of making BGT Coporation our client’s greatest competitive advantage.

Values Statement

Our core values are SAFETY, INTEGRITY and COMMITMENT. Everything we do reflects these values, and we work hard to achieve them. SAFETY is non-negotiable. Our aim is to send every employee home safely daily & to deliver consignment safely. INTEGRITY means everything we do is done fairly, with compassion & respect. COMMITMENT is not half hearted; we keep our word and deliver what we promise.